Where the success of a project is
evaluated on the service we provided and
client satisfaction.
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Who We Are
Stormwater Plans, LLC (SWP) is a full service Civil Contracting, and Professional Services Consulting Firm. We offer expertise
in every aspect of construction our services include: Civil contracting general/prime & subcontractor, engineering design,
inspection, surveying layout.  Our staff brings a multitude of design and construction expertise to the table and continuously
serves our clients with honesty, integrity, and superior professionalism.

Our People
Stormwater Plans (SWP) is a very unique 8(a) contractor, because it’s Principles and Employees are all well seasoned
construction professionals who’s experience was gained from decades of working for large and medium sized contracting
and engineering companies. Collectively, the SWP team has over 100 years of contracting and engineering experience. All
members started out in the field, learning the industry from the ground up, building knowledge and experience so that they
could evolve into positions of greater responsibility. The SWP team has real world, actual experience building, administrating
and managing projects from a simple $1,000.00 pavement repair to a $100 million dollar energy project.

Stormwater Plans, LLC personnel have been involved in transportation projects in one form or another since its inception. Our
expertise is in general contracting services for clients that prefer contractor involvement.  Alternative delivery methods is
preferred especially those which involve pre-construction services such as CM@Risk and Design-Build avenues.

Our Goal
Our goal is evolving and the company is here to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.  We are dedicated to providing
professional service to our clients to reduce costs, exposure, and provide them the exceptional service.  It is our intent to
develop the client-contractor relationship where the principle of partnering works.

Our Clients
Stormwater Plans, LLC has continuously served our clients for the last 9 years with honesty, integrity, and superior
professionalism that have caused our substantial growth.  The clients of Stormwater Plans, LLC. consist of public agencies,
other general contractors, home-builders, land-developers, engineering companies and every other client in-between. We
take great pride in our work, and your referral is our greatest compliment. The company has satisfied our existing clients who
include the Federal Highway Administration and the National Park Service with high praise from both agencies.  

Quality Assurance
To keep all team leaders and members on track, SWP develops a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plan specific to
each project. An important element of our QC plan is the development of a tailored, project specific, checklist.  Throughout the
duration, the QA/QC plan is reviewed and expectations are verified.  SWP’s takes pride in delivering QA/QC documents that
are comprehensive and accurate.